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Puzzles and mysteries await in The Spectrum Retreat

You wake up to a knock at your door. You get out of bed and open the door. A well-dressed robot stands on the other side — one of the staff members of the hotel. He informs you that you requested a wake up call at this time, and tells you that breakfast is ready… Continue reading Puzzles and mysteries await in The Spectrum Retreat

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Linelight delivers a calm, elegant puzzle solving experience

For a genre that seems tailor made to unwind with, I wouldn’t call most of the puzzle games I’ve played over the years relaxing. Tough, taxing; sometimes frustrating, but ultimately rewarding: those are the words I’d use to generally describe them. I love puzzle games, but they always have a habit of driving me up… Continue reading Linelight delivers a calm, elegant puzzle solving experience

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Metrico+ Review – Presentational awareness

Unless you’re one of the few people who regularly uses their PlayStation Vita, chances are you missed Metrico when it originally debuted on Sony’s flagging portable system back in 2014. I certainly did. But as with most once Vita-exclusive games, it’s now made its way to other platforms with a slightly new name, giving everyone… Continue reading Metrico+ Review – Presentational awareness

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Chime Sharp Review – Drop the beat

If you happened to play the original Chime, Chime Sharp is more of the same but with a few new modes. That’s not a bad thing – the original was already great – but it’s enough to help you decide whether Chime Sharp is for you. If you haven’t played Chime before, Sharp’s a good… Continue reading Chime Sharp Review – Drop the beat

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Tumblestone Review – Tumble, don’t fall

Multiplayer puzzle games are difficult to pull off. Making the act of puzzle solving into a competition doesn’t translate well to most match-3 puzzlers, often taking the slow-paced nature of those games and throwing another player or two into the mix to try speeding things up. It seldom works, usually resulting in a boring, tacked-on… Continue reading Tumblestone Review – Tumble, don’t fall

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E3 2016: Exploring the sublime architecture of Manifold Garden

Last time I saw Manifold Garden it went under the name Relativity.  The game hasn’t changed much since then. The demo this year showed same level from last year, only more fleshed out. I didn’t mind, though. I’ll take any chance I get to poke around in its stunning world. Manifold Garden is a puzzle… Continue reading E3 2016: Exploring the sublime architecture of Manifold Garden

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Klaus Review – Chasing the past

Klaus begins on a familiar note. A man wakes in a basement with no memory of who he is or how he got there. The name “Klaus” is written on his arm, which he assumes must be his name. You then go on to guide him through several floors of levels, working your way through… Continue reading Klaus Review – Chasing the past